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Charlotte vs Garden!

Posted on April 05 2019

Charlotte vs Garden!

I am by no means a gardener, I kill off most of my house plants after a few weeks and besides a bit of weeding and mowing, my experience in the garden is incredibly limited. All of this aside I do love a nice garden and really wanted to have a lovely place to sit out in when the sun puts his hat on (I am such a fair weather girl!).

My house is a new build that had been lived in by the previous owners for 3 years. They had the garden looking lovely, but when they moved out, away went most of their pots that helped make it look so good. Also by September the garden was going into Winter mode, the decking was like an ice rink when wet, I had many a Bambi moment out there, and all was looking a bit brown and sad. I originally wanted to have some low rendered walls built and plant lavender, have a herb garden and ideally put in and some fake grass to avoid the mowing! I needed though, to be a bit more realistic, especially when it came to my budget!! So I set to work with a bit of grit determination and a far leaner budget! 

I firstly cut out some membrane to cover what had been previously covered in bark the holes to put the plants in, I bought some lavender (one of my favourite plants)  and various grasses, then split the membrane to dig. My goodness me, it took so long, the ground was like clay! I ended up asking my eldest son for help; he manged to make it look so easy! I then put compost in the base of the holes, planted the plants, put more compost in, then gave them all a good sprinkling of water. I have added a Cotswold stone to lighten up the area, and placed a beaut of an olive tree in a large terracotta pot, then ta da my work here is done!

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