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Plum & Ashby - Seaweed and Samphire Hand & Body Lotion

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Plum & Ashby - Seaweed and Samphire Hand & Body Lotion at Betty's Barn Interiors

Perfect to place next to the kitchen sink. The Plum & Ashby lotions are packed with lots of natural ingredients and finest fragrances to leave your skin feeling super clean, moisturised and silky. Up your sinkstyle with these stylish, brown apothecary style glass bottles.

The Seaweed & Samphire Hand and Body Lotion will bring back those seaside memories of the invigorating sea air and mist on your skin. Salt-water seaweed blended with the dark, woody aromas of samphire creates a rich fragrance.

Use with the Plum & Ashby Seaweed & Samphire Wash to lock in the scent and leave your skin clean and silky smooth.